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Scaling from House Hacking to Apartments with Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson

Scaling from House Hacking to Apartments with Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson

Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson of Goodegg Investments have co-syndicated 3000+ multifamily units and 1500+ self storage units, worth over $300,000,000. They focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners that have a proven track record of success. Through this process, investors leverage their knowledge, expertise and relationships within the multifamily apartment and self storage space.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Julie and Anne’s journey to real estate
  • Real estate syndication and passive investing
  • Things to know about being a landlord
  • The purpose of GoodEgg Investments: connecting investors & syndicators
  • Learning real estate investing with education and networking
  • How to finance your first investment
  • The difference between active and passive investing
  • The story behind GoodEgg Investments and how they build successful deals
  • Systems that helps automate a business
  • Finding the right people for your team
  • Most important skill to have as a syndicator
  • Tips and strategies from Julie and Annie
  • AND Many more!

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It turns out, everybody loves the cashflow aspect of real estate investing but very few people love the landlording aspect. Annie Dickerson of @goodegginvests

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