About Us

Hello Friends and families, we are the Hendersons, a husband and wife team currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Neil is a husband, a father, a travel junky, a photographer and a real estate investor.

Neil and Brittany HendersonNeil is the founder of Summer Sky Capital & co-host of The Road to Family Freedom podcast along with his lovely wife Brittany.

All my working life, I have been obsessed with the idea of financial freedom.

The idea that the money you have in the bank, or the cash flowing assets you own, produce enough cash flow to cover your living expenses and release you from the requirement of trading your time for money in order to live the life you want.

Not because we have a desire to sit on a beach all day sipping Mai Tais (Neil prefers Moscow Mules); but because we have a desire to not have our W-2 income be a single point of failure for our family; and because we believe if our time and place become free from our income we'll be in a better position to pursue our life's purpose and make the world a better place.

We want that for you and your family too!

We firmly believe that investing in real estate is the quickest, most reliable road to financial freedom there is, and history backs us up.

However, there are so many different real estate investing strategies out there, and as intriguing as they all may sound (LEASE OPTION SANDWICHES?), not all of them are going to get you to the destination you desire and not all of them are going to work for someone with a full time job and a family who needs them.

It can be overwhelming.

The life of a house flipper is very different from the life of a buy and hold small multifamily investor.

We'd hate for you to head down a road only to find that, while profitable, is not the destination you imagined once you get there.

Each week, Brittany and Neil interview some of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs about their chosen strategy and we then break it down by how much Money it took them to get started, how much Knowledge it took them to get going, how much Time it takes them now that it’s up and running, and how Location dependent it is.

How we can help you...

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