Real Estate Investing in the Time of COVID-19 with Neal Bawa

Real Estate Investing in the Time of COVID-19 with Neal Bawa

Neal Bawa – Owner of Grocapitus Investments, talks to Neil Henderson and Brittany Henderson, the hosts of The Road to Family Freedom podcast. Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert. Neal treats his $250+ million-dollar multifamily portfolio as an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization. The Mad Scientist lives by two mantras. His first mantra is that We can only manage what we can measure. His second mantra is that Data beats gut feel by a million miles. These mantras and a dozen other disruptive beliefs drive profit for his 300+ investors.

Post-Interview Analysis 

  • Key Lessons Learned: Politics aside, the cities that are recovering faster from the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic are the ones that were fundamentally sound before the crisis and the ones who have made the difficult decision to essentially trade lives for economic stability. 
  • How did they acquire their knowledge or what knowledge did they need to acquire? He learned while doing. He was tasked with finding his company a new office building.
  • How much money did it take to get started? None of his own money as he helped his company at the time purchase an office building.
  • How much time does it take now? This is a full-time job, 40 hours a week at least.
  • Could they do this strategy from anywhere in the world? Probably, given the number of location independent team members he works with.

Episode Highlights: 

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  • Is Neal Bawa still investing in multifamily given the current state of the economy and given the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Was it a good tell to sell our house in Las vegas?
  • When does Neal Bawab anticipate we will reach the “bottom” of the market with COVID?
  • How to invest in the time of COVID-19 and protect your downside.
  • And much more…

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About the author, Neil

Neil Henderson is the co-host of The Road to Family Freedom, a self-storage investor, and avowed proponent of short-term rental house hacking. He founded The Road to Family Freedom to guide busy parents to financial freedom through passive real estate investing.