From House Hacking to 10 Units with Becky Nova

From House Hacking to 10 Units with Becky Nova - Feature Image

Becky Nova – multifamily investor and founder of, talks to Neil Henderson and Brittany Henderson, the hosts of The Road to Family Freedom podcast. Becky began investing in real estate in 2018, when she and her husband, Emilio, purchased their first duplex in Yonkers, NY. Just a year later, she bought a four-family in the same neighborhood as well as a condo in the Dominican Republic, her husband’s native country. Now, she has acquired 10 doors in a competitive high cost of living area in two years.

She has grown a love for working with first-time investors and runs a popular Facebook group called Lady Landlords to empower women to become knowledgeable and confident in Real Estate Investing. Becky has created digital courses, worksheets, live events, and a YouTube channel to aid her followers on their journey.

In this episode, we talk to Becky about buying her first house hack, a duplex in Yonkers, NY, and how that lit the fire of interest in real estate investing. We also talk about buying two properties in the Dominican Republic, and the systems she puts in place to put landlording on autopilot.

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About the author, Neil

Neil Henderson is the co-host of The Road to Family Freedom, a self-storage investor, and avowed proponent of short-term rental house hacking. He founded The Road to Family Freedom to guide busy parents to financial freedom through passive real estate investing.